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Beecoming Sophie
by Susan West Kurz for $22.95

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Sophie Saffron has a secret — the little bee that flew in her window one rainy evening is much more than she seems. She is Phoebee, the Queen of the Bees, and she carries their secret wisdom. She has an urgent message for Sophie, who adopts Phoebee and her mission — saving the honeybees worldwide — before it is too late for them and for all mankind.

Author, Susan West Kurz is Co-Founder of
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Inc. Her life style book Awakening Beauty the Dr Hauschka Way is an international good seller.
Beecoming Sophie: A Bee Conscious Adventure is her first graphic novel. It’s a fun feel good call to action for teens and above. Susan began her novel hoping to save the bees and has learned that the bees are here to save us!

Becoming Sophie is a magical tale that will inform young people about the crisis with honeybee health and inspire them to make a difference and bee the change they want to see in the world. The story weaves issues crucial to the worldwide decline in honeybee population into a story of high school student Sophie's awakening and the resulting journey she shares with her friends and family. As common objections and fears about bees are addressed, readers will find them replaced with awareness and respect for the beautiful honeybee so critical to our environment and the food on our tables.

George Langworthy, Producer and Director of the movie Vanishing of the Bees